Humanoids Rediscover EDC!

Skill toys are an inexpensive and healthy way to get exercise and entertain yourself, friends and family. Every-day-carry (EDC) skill toys fit in a pocket or bag to be taken anywhere to play during otherwise dull moments.  Footbag, fidget spinners and kendama can keep the mind and body healthy.  Entertain and share the new found talent with friends and family!  

Many benefits are being discovered by those that play with skill toys.  Benefits are sometimes subtle at first but soon become an awakening to healthy lifestyle changes.  Exercise, socializing, and learning are all positive impactors towards one's health.  Skill toy owners have been known to increase levels of motivation, exercise, cognitive function (brain-activity that leads to learning), begin to develop lifelong skills and form relationships with many other players with similar interests.

Most sports we have been exposed to at our schools require costly equipment like gyms, hoops, goals, and specialized fields just to have some friendly competition. promotes EDC or simple fidget games to improve concentration, coordination, and friendly competition.

Skill toys have made a come back!  After years of staring at tiny lcd screens;  crowds of energetic students and professionals are thirsting not for virtual reality, not augmented reality, but for actual reality experiences!  It doesn't take long to realize that actual reality has far superior graphics, sound, and games than any video game console can provide.

Only a few years ago it was nearly impossible to learn about skill toys such as freestyle footbag, juggling, yo-yo tricks, or kendama.  With today's social media channels, there is a plethora of knowledge scattered about the inter-web. acts as the hub that combines these hidden treasures and puts them in a place that is easy to access for anyone.  

Save money, get exercise, develop your skills and make new friends by playing with a skill toy.  You can learn more about footbag, kendama, and other skill toys on RealityToys.US today.

Thank you for reading and keep doing you're THAANG!

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