About Us

RealityToys.US mission is to spread knowledge of skill toys we love so others may benefit.

SKILL.TOYS have made a come back.   Crowds of energetic students and professionals have a fever that can't be cured with virtual reality or even augmented reality.  There is only one cure for this fever and it's ACTUAL REALITY experiences.  It doesn't take long to realize that actual reality has far superior graphics, sound, and games than any video-game console can provide.

Just a few years ago it was nearly impossible to learn about SKILL.TOYS such as freestyle footbag, juggling, yo-yo tricks, or kendama.  With today's social media, there is a plethora of knowledge scattered about the inter-web.  

RealityToys.US and skill.toys combine toys with those that desire great skill.   

Contact info:

Justin Blotsky 
   email: justinblotsky@icloud.com
   Cell:  3609619565