WTF is footbag? Ken Somolinos expertly explains footbag's fundamental objectives in this camera phone interview. 

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Big things can come in small bags.  The sport of "footbag" you might remember as Hacky Sack®  The current Western incarnation of the sport was invented in 1972 by Mike Marshall and John Stalberger of Oregon City, Oregon[1] with their "Hacky Sack" product, the rights to which are now owned by Wham-O.  To keep things simple and legal, we will refer to the sport and the bag as footbag from here forward.  

Annual competitions are hosted by the International Footbag Players Association (IFPA) and this year the WORLD TOURNAMENT will be held in the pacific northwest's very own Portland, Oregon!  The footbag community is really excited for Footbag Worlds in August of this year so stay tuned to learn more.  

Below is a sick video with some fancy editing by KUMA featuring another world champ Taishi Ishida.


Below are some helpful snippets of Wikipedia for Freestyle Footbag

Freestyle Footbag is a sport where players demonstrate their footbag abilities by performing sequences of acrobatic tricks. The ending position of the bag on one trick becomes the starting position of the bag on the next trick. Tricks are created by combining different components between contacts (stalls or kicks, usually stalls). Components can be spins, dexterities (wrapping a leg around the bag in mid-air), or ducks (letting the bag pass a few inches above the neck). Contacts are usually on the inside of the foot behind the opposite support leg (clipper stall) or on the toe, however many inventive possibilities remain and are used to create a near-endless list of tricks.  Read more on wikipedia by clicking on the links below.



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