Kaizen Padauk Wood- Natural

Kaizen Padauk Wood- Natural

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We’re really excited about the first Padauk wood series here at Kendama USA.  Padauk is a rich orange wood that turns progressively darker as you play and infuse your essence into it. Placed on our new Kaizen shaped ken, these play extremely well and break in great! This natural is a must have for the purists out there.


  • Traditional Assembly
  • Dense Padauk Wood
  • Updated Ken Shape
  • Widened Tama Bevel
  • Diminished Spike Settling



KAIZEN is the Japanese philosophy of constant improvement. We’ve applied this concept to our production process, aiming to improve every product that we put our name on. Each part of the Kaizen Kendama has been meticulously thought out by the Kendama USA team, making enhancements with the future of Kendama play in mind. The result is an affordable, premium Kendama specially crafted for the serious enthusiast.

Please note that while padauk is a beautiful wood, it does contain oils that can stain other woods, clothing, or a players hand with extended use. Please be sure not to store your padauk on top of other kens or clothing for extended periods of time. The staining of the tama during storage and play is common and should be expected.

The Kaizen Kendama features a 3 piece construction with traditional Japanese style handle assembly. We have updated the Ken shape for precision balance, and the tama bevel has been widened for enhanced play. We've intentionally set our starting spike length shorter out of the box. This allows the sarado to settle over time, eventually bringing the spike into an ideal length after a few sessions without going past the "point of no return."